I need counseling / help


Although neither John nor the team offers personal counseling, we do have a great online resource to help. Please go to the Allies Network page on our website. There you will find several counselors you can explore and hopefully find who you are looking for.

Also, please know that many of our counselor friends offer counseling via Zoom. So, if you don't find someone in your area, you can look for that option in their profile.

Additional ministries if you are seeking deep restoration or warfare prayer:

Ultimately, whatever our issues or circumstances, God must provide what you need, and our experience is that God does provide someone to fight for our heart when we ask him to. This is our prayer, that: God would raise up a fellow warrior with a tender heart to help fight for yours, that he would bring this person or a community of people to you and meet you exactly where you are. Thank you God. Amen.

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