Captivating—Group Study


For the Captivating study, we recommend these resources:

  • Captivating (The old or new edition will work just the same.)
  • Captivating Heart to Heart Participant's Guide (one for each woman)
  • Captivating Heart to Heart DVD series (one copy per group)

The DVD set includes:

  • DVDs
  • CD-Rom with Facilitator's Guide and Promotional Materials

The Captivating: Heart to Heart—a Participant's Guide was written to be used with the book Captivating, and as a companion for the DVD series, Captivating Heart to Heart for use with a group.  There are twelve chapters in the book, ten chapters in the DVD series, and ten chapters in the study guide.  To get the most out of the experience, we suggest the ladies read Captivating in full before beginning, even if it's just a quick read.  Then, as the weekly study begins, reread the appropriate chapter(s) before answering the questions in the corresponding chapters of the participant's guide.  

The participant's guide has 59 pages and on average there are about 6 pages of questions per week (the book is 6"x8", so it's not an overwhelming amount of work).  The facilitator's guide suggests allowing about 2 hours for each meeting.

There is also a Captivating Guided Journal, so allow us to explain the difference between that and the participant's guideThe Captivating—Guided Journal was designed to provoke further exploration of your heart and the heart of God.  This resource will take you deeper than the participant's guide, and there is more there than most groups have time for.  This can be used in addition to the participant's guide or just for yourself; you may choose to share some with a group or just let it be space for you and God to be together.

Please note that while the Captivating: Heart to Heart DVD series is a great companion to the book Captivating, they are ultimately stand-alone resources.  There are some things you'll get out of reading Captivating that you won't see in the DVD series, and vice versa.  

We encourage you, however, that if there is something powerful in the chapters that are excluded (5&10) that you would like to discuss, go for it!

Page 2 of the Facilitator’s Guide reads:

“The Captivating: Heart to Heart DVD series does not follow exactly the flow of the book Captivating.  There are twelve chapters in the book but only ten lessons on the DVD.  Some lessons in the DVD series and study guide involve reading two chapters in the book rather than one, but not necessarily consecutive chapters!  Because of this, it is helpful if all the participants read though the entire book before beginning the study (even if it’s just a quick, light read).”

That being said, here is a list of the Heart to Heart lessons and how it corresponds to the chapters in Captivating:

Lesson #1 - chapter 1
Lesson #2 - chapters 2&3
Lesson #3 - chapter 4
Lesson #4 - chapter 6
Lesson #5 - chapters 4&11
Lesson #6 - chapter 7
Lesson #7 - chapter 9
Lesson #8 - chapter 8
Lesson #9 - chapter 12
Lesson #10 - chapter 1

All of the resources you need to begin this study can be found at

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