Fathered by God—Group Study


This study is an ideal place for groups to go after their study of Wild at Heart.  For the Fathered by God study we recommend each person have these resources:

  • Fathered by God—book
  • Fathered by God Participant's Guide
  • Fathered by God DVD Series (one per group)

The ideal approach would be to have each man read the corresponding chapter in Fathered By God and do the work in the Participant's Guide before you meet. The Participant's Guide contains about 125 pages, containing questions and ideas to discuss, as well as prayers to be used. When your group gathers, you can watch the video series for the week and discuss it. The video series is presented in eight parts—each about 25 minutes long. You could do this study in eight weeks, or, because the content is prone to generate good discussion, and the leader may be inspired to linger on specific sections, it could easily last longer.

A free personal study guide is available at fatheredbygod.com.  This guide is a lengthier text with more questions to process and places to explore with God than the Participants Guide. Designed for personal use as a companion to the book Fathered by God, it guides you through deeper, further study than most groups have time for.

You can find everything you need to begin this study at fatheredbygod.com.

We are often asked the difference between Fathered by God and the out-of-print book The Way of the Wild Heart.  Please allow us to explain.  In 2006 John released The Way of the Wild Heart—a deep and full book with guidance for men and for those raising boys. The title proved to be confusing; many people mistook it for Wild at Heart and unfortunately missed out on its contents.

In 2009, Wild at Heart stopped printing The Way of the Wild Heart and re-released its message as Fathered by God, which is a slimmer version of The Way of the Wild Heart, with the hope that men will discover the message of being fathered by God in all that they need to carry on the journey.

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