Fathered by God vs. The Way of the Wild Heart


In 2006 John released The Way of the Wild Heart —a deep and full book with guidance for men and for those raising boys.

The title proved to be confusing; many people mistook it for Wild at Heart and missed out on its contents.

In 2009, Wild at Heart stopped printing The Way of the Wild Heart, re-releasing it as Fathered by God, which is a slimmer version of The Way of the Wild Heart.  Our hope is that men will discover the message of being fathered by God in through this book in all that they need to carry on the journey.

If you already own The Way of the Wild Heart, unless you like to have the most current books, there is no need to buy Fathered by God as well.

Fathered by God has companion resources for a deeper walk with God, including a book, study guides and a DVD series.  All of those resources can be found at fatheredbygod.com.

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