Walking with God—Group Study


For the Walking with God study we recommend each person have:

  • Walking with God—book
  • Walking with God—A Personal Guide
  • DVD series (One for the group)

The book (or audio book if preferred) was developed to accommodate the study, however is not a requirement. The study could be more casual and conversational, but we believe people will get more out of the study if they have the book. The leader may then assign the group to read the corresponding section the week ahead to be ready to discuss. If you want your group to also be using our A Personal Guide to Walking with God for personal reflection/taking the study deeper that is a great idea, too. Depending on the intimacy of your group, you may/may not have the group share from this study.

Here is a blurb from the Walking With God DVD Study that explains everything best:

“The video sessions are each about ten minutes long, and you’ll want to allow at least forty-five minutes to an hour for discussion. Each DVD segment covers, in broad strokes, one of the significant entries in the Walking with God book. During the week, group members should read the entries from the book that correspond with the video discussion. These are noted at the beginning of each chapter in this study guide. The best plan would be for everyone to read the book entirely in the first few weeks of your time together. Then, week by week, watch the video segment together at the beginning of your meeting and discuss the questions addressed in the video”

You can find all of the resources you need to begin this study by clicking here.

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