Love & War—Group Study


For the Love & War study we recommend:

  • Love & War—Book, one per couple (the soft cover and hard cover are the exact same in content even though they have different sub-titles)
  • Love & War Participant's Guide—one per person
  • Love & War DVD Series

Here is an excerpt taken from the Leader's Guide to explain more about the format of the study:

"Make sure that everyone in your group has a copy of the book Love & War and a Participant’s Guide. It works best if you can get books and guides to your group before your first meeting. That way, folks can read the first two chapters and be ready to watch the first video session together. The participant’s guide instructs folks to read the corresponding chapter(s) in Love and War and to answer a few questions in the guide before the group meets. You’ll want to do that yourself! Also, look over the guidance offered here for each session so you know where you are headed.

This series is presented in eight video sessions, each about twenty-five minutes in length. Each week, you’ll meet together for an hour and a half or two to watch the video and discuss the session. This series can also be used in classroom settings, such as Sunday school classes, though you may need to modify the discussion time depending on the size of the class. You could even use the video as the sessions for a marriage retreat! Each week you and your group will: Read the corresponding chapter(s) in Love & War; Answer a few questions in the Participant’s Guide; Watch one of the video sessions together; Talk about it."

We are sometimes asked about singles going through Love & War, and while the study was ultimately developed for couples, the content is presented in such a way that unmarried individuals can go through it as well. We are certain they will benefit from a deeper understanding of God’s role in relationship and marriage.

You can find all of the resources you need to begin this study at

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