Captivating: Study Guide vs. Guided Journal


As women begin the study of Captivating, we are often asked the question of the difference between the Captivating Study Guide and the Captivating Guided Journal:

The Captivating: Heart to Heart - a Study Guide was written to be used with the book Captivating, and as a companion for the DVD series, Captivating Heart to Heart in a group setting. There are twelve chapters in the book, ten chapters in the DVD series, and ten chapters in the study guide. To get the most out of the experience, we suggest each woman reads Captivating in full before beginning. Then, as the weekly study begins, reread the appropriate chapter(s) before answering the questions in the corresponding chapters of the study guide. All this to say, you may choose to be more creative and use the study and book together or a different combination of the resources.

The Captivating - Guided Journal is designed to provoke further exploration of your heart and the heart of God. This resource will take you deeper than the study guide and the pages were developed for your heart alone. You can use this journal in addition to the above or just for yourself; you may choose to share some with your group, or just let it be space for you and God to be together.

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