Resources for Teens or Youth


We are glad to hear that you are eager to fight for the hearts of the young adults in your life, and lead them into deeper truths. First and foremost, we encourage you all to walk with God and ask Him.

Many of John and Stasi's resources were written with the "mature audience" in mind, however, we have heard of countless stories of their books being used with teenagers successfully. Our recommendation is for you to go through the content first, or again, while asking God and picking out the content that would be appropriate. You know them best.

Options that we often recommend for youth are:

  • Epic—which is an exciting new way for them to hear the story God is telling through the Gospel.
  • Beautiful Outlaw—A new way to experience Jesus
  • Killing Lions—Good for males ages 17+
  • Free to Be Me—Perfect for females ages 12-17
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