Help with Writing, Publishing or Endorsing my book


Many people contact us with material for a book project that God has laid on their heart. John and Stasi love to encourage and help authors, and they take these requests very seriously. They feel they must read a manuscript before considering an endorsement, and there’s the catch—finding a free moment. Because of the commitment, we thank you for your understanding that they will not be able to read and endorse your book at this time. 

We would love to offer you a few resources however, to encourage you as you journey with God in this writing process:

Craig on writing:

John on writing:

Regarding Publishing direction, though we do many things here at Wild at Heart, publishing is not one of them. John and Stasi’s books are published by independent publishing companies. We would recommend picking up a copy of The Christian Writer’s Guide for further guidance. 

We rest in the assurance that if God intends your work to be published, he will make a way.

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