Mentoring—Do you offer mentoring/discipling?


Asking this question is a wonderful sign of God moving and stirring your heart with an aching desire for something every person would benefit from.

A “mentoring” role requires time, connection, conversation and being together to a level that John, Stasi, nor the team simply cannot offer alongside the other roles God has commissioned them to fulfill.

Our prayer is that Christ would bring to your life the like-hearted friend that you seek. Even more so, as Thomas A’Kempis said, “Without a friend thou canst not well live, and if Jesus be not above all a friend to thee, thou shalt be indeed sad and desolate.” (from The Imitation of Christ)

Aside from all our books and audio resources, the most mentorship we can offer is through our men’s and women’s retreats. Please see our Events page for details on when and where the next one is.

We also recommend Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline and Dallas Willard's Spirit of the Disciplines—excellent teachings on discipleship that have deeply formed the teaching at Wild at Heart.

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